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15W-50 Products

HPR DIESEL 15 15W-50 (Semi Syn.)
Package Product Code Carton Qty
1L HPRD15001 6
5L HPRD15005 4
10L HPRD15010
20L HPRD15020
60L HPRD15060
205L HPRD15205

HPR Diesel 15 is a premium high performance semi synthetic SAE 15W-50, non-friction modified engine oil. It features a DOUBLE LAYER of engine wear protection with FULL ZINC and Penrite’s advanced EXTRA TEN technology.  It cont...

Package Product Code Carton Qty
1L RACING15W50001 6
5L RACING15W50005 4
20L RACING15W50020
205L RACING15W50205

Racing 15 is a premium 100% PAO & Ester full synthetic SAE 15W-50, SHEAR FREE modern engine oil. It contains an anti wear package of *FULL ZINC + (exceeding 2200+ ppm levels) for ultimate engine wear protection. Racing 15

PRO 15 PLUS 15W-50 (Semi Syn.)
Package Product Code Carton Qty
20L PRO15PLUS020
60L PRO15PLUS060
205L PRO15PLUS205

Pro 15 Plus is a premium grade, semi synthetic, SAE 15W-50 engine oil developed for use in modern petrol, LPG and light duty diesel (non DPF) engines exclusively in professional workshops and vehicle service centres. It uses a combination of the latest additive technology and a l...